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  • New Guy from Nebraska

    A little about me, I'm retired from the military in '93 and from the IT field in '12, served in the Air Force for 20+ years (served in Desert Shield/Storm in Bahrain), was a carpenter/mason worked my way up to Superintendent and became a 1st Sgt. Been married to my Bride for 32 yrs.

    Been into firearms since the mid '60's. Like the AR's, AK's, and of course hand guns.

    Getting into .22 benchrest shooting. Have a BuckMark 7 1/2" barrel with a 2x7 Burris scope, and another BuckMark 5" barrel with a Trijicon Red Dot (one of my bowling pins guns). So need all the help I can get. Both of the BuckMarks are fairly new (within a couple of years old) factory everything. I'm sure there are target triggers on the market for the BuckMarks, so hopefully, I'll find that answer during the research in this forum.

    Any particular ammo I should stay away from?

    I'm not a big poster, but do read a lot.

    Thanks again for having me and hope all of ya have a great day.


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    Welcome, Air Force Viet Nam Era Vet myself, loads of add ons and improvement for the Buckmark line, ammunition to avoid? I don't by anything Remington anymore but others find it useful. a shooters blog


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      Welcome to the forum!


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        Welcome to the forum from New Hampshire. I've avoided Winchester for years. Gave it a try again when we had the 22 crunch. Bad move it was splitting the brass in 3 different handguns. Never finished the box and likely never will.

        Life is an adventure. May you travel it safely.
        Ante Omnia Armari "Before all else, be armed"
        Deus Regnat Exultet Terra.