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Electronic shooting tracker from last issue of NRA's Freedom magazine

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  • Electronic shooting tracker from last issue of NRA's Freedom magazine

    You get the pelican case, the unit ,charging cable and mounting bolt. I will say that I had to modify the rail segment slot as the bolt is a little to large in dia. Of course having a Dremel it wasn't a big deal

    here is the unit that mounts to the gun

    This is the mount I used it has a slight curve that matches the underside of the 41.

    This is the mount on the 41, I used the same type pf mounting tape that they claim to use for their universal mounts on the mags of larger caliber.
    The tape is 3M's high-strength VHB adhesive tape, it is used in autobody instead of welding
    Here it is on my 41. IT has held up well and I'm probably topping 2,000rounds. You do have to clean the surfaces of the gun and rail.with alcohol or acetone. I also roughed u both surfaces removing the finish for a better grip.
    I mounted it on a .45 with the tape and after about 300 rounds the tape started to come lose I only cleaned the surfaces and not roughed them up.
    You do have to clamp the parts together for at least 20 minutes, to get a strong bound.
    I have the app both on my I phone and I pad I find it works as advertised It works for me when I remember to turn it on before the string of shots. There are a number of training exercises you can run. And you can sync the info so you can look at it later. Being older and with rheumatism in my shooting hand/wrist. I find that it gives me a clearer picture of my hand movement. Being new to target shooting about 3 years. Just finished sharpshooter qualification and now working on the next.
    They have had a number of updates to the apps since I bought it.
    Now before some of the old timers in the sport start! I find it works for me, I enjoy seeing the results on the assorted screen in real time and after I'm back from the range. I feel it was worth it for me here is their link.And if you have questions they do respond to emails in a timely manner.