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Chome and firefox fix for photobucket

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  • Chome and firefox fix for photobucket

    I have installed it and have tried it on my book thread which is photo heavy in another forum and it works. I was deleting the albums and photo's from the bucket. So some of my photos are goneI refuse to be held up for ransom ware like they did!
    Apparently Google Chrome and Foxfire have found a way to access the photos that does not now allow you to post to 3rd party sites anymore without paying a high price.

    "In the cases where former/current PhotoBucket users haven't deleted all their albums, Chrome and Firefox now have an extension, Photobucket Embed Fix, that will display 3rd party hosted images. It will fix all your broken pics, no need for you to do anything, it runs entirely in the background.

    Click Tools>Add-Ons (Or press CTL+Shift+A) >select Extensions > enter "photobucket embed" in the Search box (upper right corner) > then click the install button."