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savage rifle barrel rusting like crazy.

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  • savage rifle barrel rusting like crazy.

    about two years ago I sent a savage TRR-SR back for rebarreling. if you remember they put three barrels besides the factory barrel on it to get a 3/4 inch 5 shoot group on their 100 yard range.
    the problem is this barrel will rust up if you look at it cross eyed! I have used frog lube. I have use clp. I used marvels mystery oil(2nd best). I got my best results using auto matic tranny fliud guys!!! out of all my blued rifles I have never had one rust like this new savage factory barrel. is anybody else having this problem with a new savage rifle?

    all my older rifles from all makers I have no problem with. every few months I oil to be safe. none rust like the barrel on this savage TRR-SR. I mean just sitting out in the house by the door it rusts up in under a month. the rest have no rust on them.

    do you think the bluing is to thin? I just don't get it. If it will help I will push the pin out and blue the barrel myself.
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    Savage is hit and miss on their finishing. FV-SR had a rough barrel and decent bolt. TR has a nicer barrel and a bolt that looks like it was dragged behind the car down a gravel road. Good news is they work.
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      oh yes mine work, but the rust is driving me crazy. mine took 3 barrels not counting the factory to get under a 1 inch group with sub standard ammo Remington sign their name to. they problem is my rifle barrel unlike the rest will rust up if you sneeze on it!! if it is rainy I try t hide it in my home, but it still acts i like I left it out in the rain with out oiling it for year.

      it isn't like this rifle is abused. it isn't. it is what is going on with savage? I can point out countless rifles, none rust in the wind like the trr-sr that is covered in oil! do I need to get joe degrand on this again?.