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Stove pipe issues with the model 41

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  • Stove pipe issues with the model 41

    Having a number of other brands of 22's that I have used for the bullseye league. I found that most like the CCI magnums best, so when I was having stovepipe issues with them I tried Agullia's extra's that I have on hand and found about the same number of FTE's In talking to a couple of other guys that shoot the model 41's in the league they all agree that the 41 does better on a diet of CCI standard velocity 22LR. It seems that that is the ammo that the model 41 was designed for. I haven't tried any other standard velocity brands yet. Have run about 300 rounds thru it of the standard velocity and not one stove pipe so far.

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    From what I hear 41's always work much better with standard velocity ammo.

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      yep thats what they say