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what barrels are you using?

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  • what barrels are you using?

    i have a herd of 10/22 rifles at my house. i have one of mine with a cheap threaded 16 inch barrel. it shoots very well. then i have one with a lilja barrel. it is awesome for a semi auto. my old lady has a feddersen barrel on it. it shoots as good as my cheap barreled rifle. her son has a ksa barrel on his rifle and it shoots really really good. my daughter has a kidd barrel on her kidd actioned rifle. it shoots right there with my lilja barrel. all rifles have all kidd internals and triggers.

    if i ranked my barrels it would be like this.
    1. lilja/kidd (really not much difference between them)
    2. ksa barrel.
    3. feddersen barrel
    4. cheap threaded barrel.

    i have sat down before with all 5 rifles and used several types of match grade ammo. mainly eley e.p.s. black and red box and sk standard plus. i have used C.C.I. sv ammo. fioucchi subsonic hollow points also shot very well in all rifles.

    all rifles are pillar and glassbedded. they all also wear 36x scopes. the stocks are each different and none are BR stocks. all barrels are heavy barrels. i would post pictures but i'm in chattanooga and on my tablet.
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