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10/22 Extraction/ejection problems

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  • 10/22 Extraction/ejection problems

    Hey all,

    I've been a very happy TK customer for a couple years now as I've been fixing up our 22/45's and 10/22's for Rimfire Challenge shooting. Great products, great prices. I recently picked up a new 10/22 for my sons to shoot. While sighting in and test firing I didn't have any FTE problems. I was using a mixed bag of loose ammo for testing and break in, but stuck with new Win 555 bulk for sight in. I think I ran ammo through all my Ruger 10 round rotary mags and my Butler Creek steel lip 10 rnd clear stick mags.

    At our first match with the new gun, it failed to eject many, many times. (Stove pipe mostly, but some fails to load) Ammo was the remaining 555 copper plated HP (1280fps) and Federal Game-Shok LRN (1240fps) The Federal seemed less inclined to FTE but was still problematic. The following weekend we took it back to the range to test it with all the mags and make notes to try and determine if it was ammo, mag or gun problem. The FTE and occasional FT load persisted across all mags leading me to think it was an extractor problem. I put a Tactical Solutions HD extractor and spring in. (Sorry! TK was sold out of the Eagle's Talon) and that helped but it is still a long way from reliable.

    So.....after looking all over the interwebs, i think I have an idea what to do next. (removing "overspray" from inside reciever, polishing guide rod, smoothing out sharp edges on the bolt, etc.)

    In your collective experience, what else should I do? I am not opposed to swapping parts, but neither am I afraid to do my own work to improve the parts I have. I still have more T&E to do and welcome your suggestions to focus my efforts.


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    dcr25060 i can check in with my contacts at Tandemkross as to when the eagle's talon is expected to be back in stock if you would like?


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      Thanks, but it came back in stock a day or two after I was shopping.