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Collectible boxes or just old ammo?

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  • Collectible boxes or just old ammo?

    I found these 4 full and 1 partial boxes of CB .22 Long Low Velocity, and 1 partial box of .22 Shorts at the bottom of a can of .38's.

    I had to laugh at the price of $2.49 written on the box of Shorts.

    A fella at the range said these may be collectable boxes, but he was smiling way too much when he said it.

    So since y'all are the correct end of the horse when it comes to .22's... What say you? Collectables, or just old ammo?

    Once again my photos were too big for the uploader, so please open the attachment to view.

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    While yes they are collectible, finding somebody that may want them might be a long time coming, I willl admit that I have some old ones like you have and the price for a box of shorts on clearance was reduced to under .80 The price in the books on old ammo and boxes you will not get. I have shoot the ammo and save one of each the best condition boxes. Figured the kids will think the old man was nuttier than they thought!.