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  • Remington Model 550-1

    Things were different in the old days. In west Texas where I was born guns were common place things that all men and small boys were expected to own and be proficient with.

    In 1936 my dad bought a Remington Model 41 for me as soon as I was born. I learned to shoot it as soon as I was strong enough to aim it. It is a single shot rifle and the safest gun I could have grown up with. Still have it,. A little battered but in good shape, shiny bore and accurate. Pretty good for an 81 year old gun.

    In 1949 he gave me a Remington Model 550-1 my first semi automatic rifle= It has an American Walnut stock and came from the factory with the grooves to mount a scope.

    I have kept it in good condition and still shoot it at the range and occasionally nail a tree rat with it.

    I have numerous other Rimfire rifles including a CZ LUX with Turkish Walnut stock but the old Remington's are my pride and joy,.