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Smith and Wesson M&P 15/22 for the girlfriend.

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  • Smith and Wesson M&P 15/22 for the girlfriend.

    I have been letting my girlfriend shoot my 22, and she likes it. We have been doing alot of open sights and a little scoped to let her get the feel for it. She has let it be know that she does infact have a birthday coming up (September) and would like to have her own 22. I have let her shoot my m12, a 10/22 my friend has tricked ($500 limit on upgrades), a 10/22 stock, mossburg 702, and a savage mkII. She has commented on the fact she would "like" pink/purple, but it is not a necessity. I have been looking around and The local gun store called me and said he had a M&P 15/22 that is pink/black. I took her to look at it and she liked it.

    Now the question comes in...

    Are they decent in the accuracy area? She has also said she wants something that will let her shoot with me and still be able to hit the target. I explained there is a difference in a bench gun and a "stock" gun. I am thinking minute of squirrel is fine, 1/2 to 3/4 at 50 yards.

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    They are plenty accurate enough for hunting and plinking! Mine cycles subs,high and hyper velocity rds with no issues.
    My only suggestion would be to buy a few extra mags for it. In my modest gun collection,the M&P is by far the most fun to shoot.
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      Minute of squirrel should be enough to keep here happy. If she decides she wants better accuracy than that, she'll be wanting to move into a bolt gun anyway.

      +1 on the extra mags. Range time is shooting time, not loading time. Because YOU'LL end up doing all the loading
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        Let her do her own loading.
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