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Installing a Freedom Rail ...

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  • Installing a Freedom Rail ...

    Since I picked up a newer PMR-30 I decided to put an optic on my older one, a proven reliable shooter. A set of Super Grips and the Freedom Rail where ordered and I had them in hand in just a few days. I installed the Super Grips on the new pistol as the older one already had them.

    Installing the Freedom Rail couldn't be simpler, four hex head screws are removed from the top rear of the slide and the the rail is attached with the four included longer hex head screws. Probably takes longer to type than to do.


    and then...

    Great way to add a Optic quickly and easily. a shooters blog

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    How do you like your Kel-Tec compared to the other .22 pistols you own Gerald D?


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      Good question, its not much like other .22 pistols as you can imagine, lots of ammo on tap, very loud, recoil is no factor, depending on the ammunition quite a fireball at the muzzle. It is significantly more powerful than my usual Subsonic target ammo loaded .22's and not quite as accurate but still capable of respectable accuracy. I haven't shot the newest one yet but the first has been reliable as long as you load the magazine the way they tell you to, otherwise they are prone to "rim-lock". Neat toy with some obvious functionality but the Jury is still out.

      Not much real help I know, you sure can go through a lot of .22wmr ammo with one, so make sure you stock up if you get one. a shooters blog