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Appleseed, the Snake, and the Mosin

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  • Appleseed, the Snake, and the Mosin

    Hi Folks,

    I related this story recently via PM to someone preparing to go to Appleseed, and the gent I was talking to suggested I might share it out on public forum as it might be of general interest. Here it is:

    I've been to Appleseed. I'm a Rifleman, whatever that may mean. I earned it first with a 10/22 in what's now called the Patriot Rifle configuration, and then I scored it again with a 'scoped, heavy-barrel, "sniper" .22 the same weekend.

    I've been thinking about going back to Appleseed with the Mosin. Being a lefty I've wondered about my ability to operate the bolt as fast as would be needed, but doubts evaporated when my wife got struck by a snake a few weeks back.

    I shot that snake right behind the head, and then the second shot was chambered and I was back on target before I knew it. I corrected the aim for close-up and the snake's head disappeared. The round was an SST handload, so you might imagine what happened there...

    Working the bolt is now second-nature, and that's what I've been trying to achieve. The bolt is not exactly stock; I've refinished its parts so that it is very smooth. It demonstrates what can be done with a Mosin if you're willing to do a bit of polishing.


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    I have one of your front sights. It is da bomb!